9 Criteria to Compare Virtual Data Rooms

The problem of choice is among the hardest ones to deal with. The modern VDR market may puzzle and confuse the newbies – dozens of virtual data room providers offer their services. And, from the first sight, it is not that easy to realize what the difference between the platforms is. Indeed, the majority of vendors stick to the industry standards, and the rooms they develop are alike. However, each service has its peculiarities, which can be noticed during a more in-depth examination of VDRs.

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We would like to offer you the list of 9 aspects that you should take into account when comparing virtual repositories:

Reputation of VDR

If the other users and experts claim that a room is pretty good, then you should have a look at it. Perhaps, what is right for others would not be suitable for you, but it would be ridiculous to ignore the top-rated vendors. Eventually, the reputation can be the factor that helps to distinguish two platforms that are identical from the technical point of view.


There are the industry standards and, due to them, any platform has to be equipped with a certain set of tools. Obviously, some rooms have modest equipment while others are overloaded with features. You have to estimate your needs and to choose the VDR, which offers the level of functionality adequate for your requirements.


Check out the interface of the platform, test its search algorithms, and find out if the room is integrated with other software. You are about to spend quite a lot of time working inside the data room, and it would be better if it is convenient for you.

VDR Security

Data protection is one of the key functions of any VDR. You do not want your confidential information to leak to the Web, or to be stolen by a dishonest employee, or to be somehow misused. Therefore, make sure that all the major security features are inherent to the room – firewalls, data encryption, multi-level verification, watermarks, etc.


The platform should be accessible 24/7 regardless of your geographical location – you never know when you would need to contact the project participants. In addition, the service should be compatible with any operating system as it is impossible to unify the hardware all the potential visitors of the room use. The same is fair for mobile devices: the repository should be adjusted to Android and IOS gadgets.


You cannot predict when you would need assistance. Therefore, it is better to check out if the vendor offers you a 24/7 multi-lingual customer support. It might happen so that a few minutes of a delay in solving a certain problem affect your business. And, you do not want to be in such a situation.


This option cannot be treated as a vital one. But in a case you prefer your company to be recognized, you might be interested in making your VDR consistent with your corporate identity.


The final cost of the service depends on many factors – the period of exploitation, the number of concurrent projects, the number of visitors and administrators, etc. Before you start looking for the room, you should decide what your budget is and, eventually, choose the provider which offers the services you need for the price you can afford.

Overall impression

It might happen that you found two identical rooms or two rooms which differ in minor aspects. That is the moment when you have to take into account your personal impression: choose the one that is more appealing to you even if you have no rational arguments.

If you are patient and critical enough, you would be able to compare all the platforms which you have selected. In fact, 9 criteria are not that much to consider, but they are crucial for the understanding of the quality immanent to the room. If you can come up with other aspects you want to examine – you are free to extend the list and to make the comparison even more multi-sided! Eventually, the more characteristics you take into account – the more appealing VDR you would find.

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