Advancing Broadband for New York!

Welcome to the New York State broadband assessment program.   It is vitally important that each citizen in New York have access to high speed broadband service.   Broadband service is obviously needed for distance learning and work from home.   

However, high speed broadband opens new options for medical care, easier access to government programs and enhanced opportunities for economic development.

We want to know more about your needs and about broadband in your household or business. Click on the “Speed Test and Survey” button to take a brief speed test, and a short survey. 

If you are using your cell phone or are not at your home or work, then please click the “Survey Only” button!   

By participating in this survey, you will help us understand more about issues relating to broadband availability and adoption in your county and in New York.  Thank you for your help!

Data rooms for remote work

Virtual data rooms are an effective way to conduct business remotely, as they allow for the secure sharing of information. They have been proven to work best for projects that require a high degree of collaboration.

Virtual data room providers are becoming more popular than ever with remote work on the rise. They allow companies to conduct business without being physically present at the same location, which is convenient for both parties.

A virtual data room can be accessed by anyone who has the necessary security clearance and credentials, which makes it easy to work remotely without having to travel back and forth between locations. Here you can also check out the virtual data room pricing as well.

How This Site Works

There are three parts to this site.

The Frequently Asked Questions and the About Us page provide more information about this project, the benefits to you and where you live and work and the team supporting the project.

The Speed Test measures how fast your Internet connection is from your home or business.   This part takes about a minute or so.  If you are not at your home or business, or if you are taking the survey on your cell phone, then please skip the speed test.

The Assessment is a series of questions, for either home or business, which asks about whether a respondent has Internet access. and how they use it (or would use it.)   This part takes about five to seven minutes.

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