iDeals Virtual Data Room

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iDeals Virtual Data Room

97% Would Recommend
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97% Would Recommend
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About iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a fantastic VDR option, with all the functionality you could expect from an industry-leading virtual data room provider. The emphasis is on facilitating due diligence in any industry, including M&A, real estate, biotech, and technologies. iDeals has recently become the leading provider on the famous tech review platforms G2 and Capterra.

You can apply eight user access permission settings on an individual or group basis. Users can be allocated a permission profile that allows them access to particular files and folders. All user activity is tracked and time-stamped and made available in audit logs. 256-bit encryption, automatic watermarking, antivirus protection, and many other safety-related measures ensure the greatest protection for confidential data.

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With many competing vendors requiring users to download plugins or other software, such as Flash or Java, iDeals works across all web browsers, operating systems, and devices with no plugins required. Full mobile compatibility ensured by dedicated apps for iOs and Windows.

Secure, powerful, flexible, yet intuitively accessible with excellent user experience and multi-language 24/7/365 customer service, the iDeals VDR platform is available either as a web service or integrated with the enterprises existing infrastructure.

The free trial version is allowing you to test all the benefits of this virtual data room personally.

Distinctive Features
Desktop sync
Access control
Two-factor authentication
Fence view
Live Support
Features Checklist
256-Bit SSL Encryption Data Backup Document Expiry Dynamic Watermarks ISO 27001 Certified SOC 2 Certified SSAE 16 Certified HIPAA Certified Virus Scanning
Mobile Device Management Multiple Channel Verification Permission Groups Set User Permissions Two-Factor Authentications Single Project Login
Branded Website Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Full-Text Search In Document Linking Windows Explorer Integration Scroll-Through Viewer Q&A Section
iPad Application Mobile Device Interface Multi-Language Support No Software Installation Required
Audit Logs Automatic Audit Reports Notifications Document Version Control
Product Reviews
Jul 1, 2021
Very simple and robust!
Dave Roberts, Associate Manager
May 19, 2021
I liked the fact that iDeals was easy to use and can be tailored for each case. Activity tracking for each page was the best function for me, and the ability to change the contrast of the watermarks is also a great function I did not see in the previous data room we used for the deals.
Tom Fernandez
Sep 11, 2020
As a pharmaceuticals firm, we need to pay extra attention to the protection of our information. iDeals is compliant with all the regulations we need to follow, and they offer impeccable security, protecting the repository and giving us additional tools to safeguard specific files. With this data room, I can be sure only authorized partners can access our information.
Jul 30, 2020
We were using another provider for a while, and it was ok. But when I saw what iDeals offers, I was amazed by the number of features. So I’ve decided to give it a try, and I have to say, they make a pretty good job.
William Miller
Jun 11, 2020
I enjoy using the Ideals data room. Unlike some providers we used before, it has a simple interface, and we started working before they made us a demo. Previously I read that some users had difficulty uploading large files, but for us, everything worked fine. So now we have a stable data room that is easy to use for partners and us, and I'm delighted with it.
Andrea Smith
May 13, 2020
We use iDeals data room to share documents for review by our partners. That is super easy and much more secure than sending them by e-mail. Setting up the data room took 15 minutes. I really liked the "updated version" function that allows a new version of a file to replace the old one, as well as notifications and reporting. The price is affordable, so my experience with this software is totally positive.
Hans Landers
Mar 31, 2020
We just started a free trial of Ideals and must say we really like this data room. Previously we tried another VDR but the customer support was awful. Here you get an answer immediately and that's something that makes us rely on Ideals. They also have German-speaking people. For sure I can recommend them as one of the best data room solutions.
John Muller, Managing Director
Oct 7, 2019
Thanks for sharing the valuable Information.
Harold Rider CEO
Sep 14, 2019
To be honest, we chose iDeals VDR because our partners use this provider. And now I understand why they are so satisfied with it. I was afraid we would have to go through some training to learn how to use it. But the interface is so straightforward that we could tap into all those numerous features right away.
Derek Blue President & CEO
Jul 29, 2019
We’re using iDeals since the first day our company was born, and I’m sure we will never switch to anything else. We always feel secure not only because of the high level of protection iDeals VDR offers but also because of the responsive support team. They help us even with the tiniest details!
Zackery Madison CFO
Mar 26, 2019
I’ve switched my company to the iDeals virtual data room just recently, but I already feel like it was one of my best decisions. It is very convenient and filled with all the features my company needs to maintain the paperwork. And the interface is so simple that even my partners who weren’t ready at all to use new software adapted to it in no time.
Chet Statham CEO - Founder
Jan 12, 2019
I was looking for the simplest solution that will let my staff work with documents. I chose iDeals VDR, and I never regret this decision. It is so easy to use that no one ever had any issues understanding the interface, even newcomers. Now we have all the needed features to let our potential partners perform due diligence and simply maintain the papers internally.
Gorden Haynes Hospital & Health Care
Nov 1, 2018
iDeals was great on the paper, and it’s even better in reality. We’re using iDeals virtual data room to exchange files with our partners, and we do that a lot as a life science company. The reason we chose this provider was that it offered the highest level of security. But as we began using it, we were delighted with the simple interface that offered all the features we need.
Chase Kendall Transaction Manager
Oct 1, 2018
It was easy for iDeals VDR to become our first choice. Simple interface, all the required features, strong protection, and 24/7 support. What else could we wish for? This provider met all our expectation and requirements, and I am really glad we picked it.
William Dane Director
Sep 23, 2018
We are using iDeals virtual data room for over a year in my company, and we’re absolutely satisfied with the service. The interface is very straightforward, which is especially important for us - we often invite interns to work with us. They can understand how to use the data room without any explanations. And also now we have all the features for productive teamwork.
Arden Holland Project Manager
Aug 18, 2018
iDeals is the perfect provider for my law firm. It keeps all the confidential data safe and gives us all the functions we need to maintain communication with clients. We’re using iDeals VDR for a couple of years, and we’ve never had issues with it. However, I wanted to ask the support team some question several times, and they responded very quickly.
Miles Watkins Managing Director
Jul 30, 2018
As a real estate company, our whole workflow consists of deals. So we definitely needed a provider that can offer round-the-clock support. We’re using iDeals virtual data room only for a couple of months, but I can already say that we’re going to stick to it. It has a lot of necessary features that help us close deals successfully.
Hilary Richardson Corporate Finance Manager
Jul 11, 2018
Trying to find the best solution we’ve switched between several providers, and we can tell from our experience that iDeals VDR is the best. It is packed with functions, but the interface is so well-organized that we never struggle to find the feature we need at the moment. Also, it is quite appealing that the support team is available 24/7. Although we never needed any help yet.
Justin Sirpilla, Manager, Corporate Development and M&A, Lippert Components
Jun 7, 2018
I would say we've been a very satisfied customer. I definitely like the sidebar on the left, where we are able to jump easily between all the rooms we have. Actively there are 8-9 deals going at once. It's great when the core team can switch between those projects with ease.
Patrick Ferres, Managing Partner, Wellington Investment Corporation
Jun 5, 2018
The product and service which iDeals offers are truly exceptional. Good prices, advanced features, and easy use even for novices. Highly recommended!
Vivek Agarwal, Strategic Planning & Corporate Finance, Columbia Asia
Mar 20, 2018
Been using this only recently and from limited use of uploading information on the folder on the desktop has been quite useful and fast.
Julius Gabčo, Corporate Controller, Greenlight Capital
Nov 2, 2017
The product has great functionality, which helped us to greatly improve due diligence. Our customers are also satisfied with our choice of the data room. We especially like the document access report feature because it helped us analyze the behavior of parties and even predict the outcome of the deal.
Brian C. Santana, Senior Partner, Glenview Capital Management
Oct 25, 2017
I would like to thank iDeals team for supporting our company. With you I’ve had no worries about the security of our documents. I definitely recommend iDeals VDR to everybody.
Eleanor Lamb, Chief Business Officer, Thames River Capital
Oct 22, 2017
This is our third project with iDeals data room and we never had any problems with the functioning or any other complaints. It really has everything one might wish and I don`t think we could make a better choice.
George Henderson, Campbell Square Capital Management
Oct 10, 2017
iDeals is an amazing and very intuitive data room. The features that are offered surpass the other data rooms we have used. The cost is very appealing and affordable. The support staff is readily available whenever I had a question. I am very happy with the switch to iDeals. Our clients also note that since we moved to iDeals VDR, the difference is great. It is much easier to work with the documents index, Q&A function, scroll through PDF documents, and other useful features.
Adam Lyons, CIO, Carlson Capital LLC
Sep 27, 2017
The VDR is very good, and I really want to note the top quality of customer support at iDeals. We had an appointed coordinator who provided an online session of training for our team. The service team was always ready when needed. Thanks!
David Buckley, Chief Technology Officer, Wendelstein Energy Inc
Sep 24, 2017
Our company previously worked with another VDR, and had several complaints regarding the system speed, complicated interface, and errors. We`ve started to cooperate with iDeals, and there is truly nothing more to desire. It is safe and easy and convenient. I wish we had chosen this provider earlier. I recommend iDeals to businesses who value the simplicity and functionality.
Robert Kacer
Sep 19, 2017
Easy to use, intuitive, nice audit track, We used several data rooms and iDeals I can fully reccommend.
Brend van der Zanden, Chief Executive Officer, Centaurus FX Concepts
Sep 18, 2017
iDeals VDR has been very useful for my business. The major advantages for me were intuitive interface with full customization, a possibility to set limited access for users, and a reasonable price. I think that the offered options will suit even the most demanding users.
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