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DealRoom is a Chicago-based provider of virtual data room and project management software. Founded in 2012, the company brings to bear its 10 years of experience in the data room world, offering solutions for M&A due diligence and other data intensive transactions.

DealRoom is a solution of choice for businesses of all sizes, and works with a wide variety of industries. Big corporations, startups, private investors, and banks — all benefit from comprehensive solutions for due diligence, integration, divestment, fundraising, and corporate data management.

Document security features

DealRoom works to integrate file, application, and platform security to ensure a protected environment where its clients can operate without fear of leaks, breaches, or misplaced sensitive data. 

Among the many security features, the following are especially worth a mention:

  • Access control. It allows you to take control of who can view, download, or interact with any given files or within any folders in the virtual data room.
  • Dynamic or fixed watermarks. Thanks to this feature, you can apply watermarks to specific files or to everything with a single folder. All it takes are a couple of clicks. 
  • Easy-to-manage users. The intuitive DealRoom interface allows you to assign or remove users’ access to files or folders.
  • Track user actions. This feature gives you an overview of how long users were active on the platform, which files were viewed, and so on.
  • Data encryption. Everything in your virtual data room is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, preventing even the most determined hackers or other 3rd parties from prying into your work.
  • Recovery capability. Cloud backups keep your data safe even in the event of major crashes or system-wide failures in your network.

Among other security seals, DealRoom is certified with ISO 9001 / ISO 27001, SOC 1 / 2, and DOD CSM Levels 1-5. The platform is also compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, and HIPAA/ITAR.

Collaboration and document management features

DealRoom provides all the main tools for effective collaboration across the virtual data room. The platform allows you to communicate, collaborate, and manage sensitive documents in a variety of ways:

  1. Message other users on the platform
  2. Tag users in comments, files, or joint projects
  3. Assign actions and tasks
  4. Create teams for specific projects
  5. Notify and get notified of important updates
  6. Review recent work on the main dashboard
  7. Protect and restrict access to key documents

You can also benefit from a broad toolbox of features such as indexing and cataloging, looking for items with the full-text search, bulk uploading files with drag and drop, and tracking progress through project activity monitors.

For transactions involving external advisors or potential buyers, you can also create Q&A flows, among other collaboration options.

Customer support 

DealRoom offers personal support and assistance during business hours. You can either call the support team, get in touch through email, or activate the chat option on the official DealRoom website. 

For further support, DealRoom affords an extensive M&A library where you’ll find plenty of webinars, e-books, podcasts, training guides, and other useful resources. Users can also benefit from a library of templates for anything from due diligence to IPOs to post-merger integration. The blog and FAQ sections are also useful ways to get to know the platform and its products better.

For large teams and companies, the DealRoom customer success team also has an available option for customized onboarding and training, both group and individual.

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Additional features

For greater efficiency and speed in your team’s daily transactions, the DealRoom data room can be integrated with a variety of different platforms and software, such as Microsoft Office, Google apps, and Slack. 

Further, the platform deploys the Agile framework to help corporations increase the effectiveness of their workflows when dealing with massive, data-intensive operations such as M&A or deal-related transactions.

Pricing plans

The DealRoom software is priced based on data usage, number of users, and number of features being used. There are four plans — Pipeline Only, Single Project, Cross-Team Professional, and Enterprise, — designed to suit the needs of anything from a small shop to a major corporation. The flat pricing also varies according to whether you choose a monthly or yearly subscription.

Users have the option to book a free demo where a sales specialist will answer their questions about the virtual data room, as well as help them establish how the platform can help them and which pricing plan is best suited for their use case. On a case-by-case basis, DealRoom also offers volume discounts. For all customers, there is a 14-day free trial available.

Features Checklist
Data Storage Management SOC 1 Certified Secure File Viewer Virus Scanning Data Backup GDPR Compliant
Access Controls/Permissions Two-Factor Authentication Access Limitation by IP Access Expiration
Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Microsoft Office Integration Mobile Device Interface Archives Upload & Extraction
Multi-Language Support Mobile Device Interface No Plugins View-Only Access
Real-Time Audit Trail Graphic Reports Exporting Reports to Excel Scheduled Reports
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