About Intralinks Virtual Data Rooms

Intralinks virtual data room is an efficient and secure corporate governance software for instantaneous data access, advanced contract management, and seamless collaboration during business deals. 

The company was founded in 1996, but the first Intralinks virtual data rooms for M&A were launched in 2002. The corporate headquarters are in New York, USA. Additionally, there are 25 departments worldwide, including countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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What is Intralinks used for?

Thanks to such virtual data room solutions as real-time insights, pre-configured workflows, an automated setup, business participants blur corporate and geographical boundaries on a single platform for collaboration. The most common use cases for Intralinks are bankruptcy and restructuring, complex energy deals, initial public offerings, business development and licensing, due diligence, M&A, post-merger integration, asset sales, and board reporting. 

Since all these activities are common for companies around the world, the Intralinks data room is suitable for a wide variety of industries allowing them to market and manage deals accurately and quickly.

Document security features

Intralinks secure collaboration platform provider has a rich feature-set to save the client from worrying about hacks, leaks, or data loss throughout file sharing. As a result, users can share and manage sensitive information at the file level. It is critical because otherwise, an email sent with a confidential document attached may lead to irreparable consequences.

So here is what Intralinks secure platform provides companies to manage confidential documents:

  • high level of data protection and easy management inside and outside the firewall
  • dynamic watermarks to mark copies as confidential and track them
  • key management multi-level security with modern encryption standards
  • the 256-bit random encryption key for each file in the data room using the public-key cryptography technique
  • advanced plugin-free information rights management for companies to securely share and manage sensitive data
  • enabling and retracting document access with one click through the dedicated Intralinks UNshare tool

It is worth mentioning that Intralinks secure collaboration platform not only allows companies to securely manage sensitive documents. The virtual data room also meets security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 9001, ISO-27701, etc.

Collaboration and document management features

Intralinks solutions provide cutting-edge tools for virtual data room management and collaboration that make workflows faster and more efficient. So, besides the fact that the software is easy-to-set-up and doesn’t require capital expenses, the virtual data room is also available as a secure mobile application. Thus, participants in due diligence, M&A, or other transactions can stay in touch 24/7 with internal and external partners.

  • Collaboration. Across mobile and desktop platforms, the data room provides tools for file exchange with groups of people or key individuals without worrying about hacks. Another advantage is separate repositories for each participant, comments on files, PDF document annotations, a simple Q&A module, Zoom integration, and live notifications of new data or changes.
  • Document management. The virtual data room includes permission management with 16 roles, a configuration option for desktop bulk uploads, automatic capturing of all activities within and outside the organization, integration with content management systems, auto-indexing, tools for file sync, and data access control instantly.

To sum up, this secure platform provides tools to protect data, collaborate smoothly, and manage multiple users and files in a data room at every level.

Customer support

Virtual data room Intralinks provides dedicated 24/7 expert support via email, phone, and chat. Thus, clients accelerate and protect each transaction stage by having proficient dedicated support managers with in-depth industry knowledge. 

The Intralinks team assists in setting up a data room and streamlining due diligence, onboarding investors, fundraising, and other complex deals. The average response time is 6 seconds, and local experts speak about 140 languages. If you are looking for local numbers, you can find this information on the official website.

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Additional features

One of the features that sets the virtual data room apart from others is AI-powered Redaction. First, it identifies personal data such as names and addresses via machine learning to avoid disclosure. Second, users can create customized terms and then initiate redaction of many files for process optimization. After the transaction is completed, you can revert to the original files with one click.

Another data room unique feature is the Insights Dashboard for advanced document and user tracking. With this option, clients can compare deal participants by the percentage of their activity, track trends at the group level, and rank groups of potential buyers based on files viewed and logins.

Pricing plans

Unfortunately, the provider does not list virtual data room tariff plans and options included on the official website. Therefore, if you need Intralinks data room cost or a demo, you should contact the Intralinks Sales Team. Although the average Intralinks VDR review generally contains very good feedback about the platform, clients sometimes state this software is more expensive than other VDR solutions.

Features Checklist

256-Bit SSL Encryption Data Backup Document Expiry Dynamic Watermarks ISO 27001 Certified SOC 2 Certified SSAE 16 Certified Virus Scanning
Mobile Device Management Multiple Factor/Multiple Channel Verification Permission Groups User Permissions Two-Factor Authentications
Branded Website Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Full Text Search In Document Linking Microsoft Office Integration Q&A Section Scroll-Through Viewer Windows Explorer Integration
iPad Application Mobile Device Interface Multi-Language Support
Audit Logs Document Version Control

Product Reviews

Jun 23, 2022
Intralinks data room helps us to collaborate with our partners and provide them with all the information they need. This technology has some features that allow us to communicate with each other within the data room. We’re not using it within the company, only for external communication. For this purpose, Intralinks works perfectly.
Pierce Haward CFO
Feb 11, 2022
Even though Intralinks pricing is a bit higher than other providers offer, we’re satisfied with the service. I like that our partners don’t need to install any software since the service is cloud-based. They can simply log into their accounts via the browser. Also, we can access the data room from mobile devices, and that’s very helpful.
Kelsey Waterman Legal Assistant
Aug 3, 2020
Intralinks was quite disappointing for us. We’ve picked it because some of our partners are using this provider. But the price appears to be too high for the limited set of features they offer. We’re looking for another data room now because this one simply doesn’t satisfy all our needs.
Jun 26, 2019
We have partners and employees all around the world, so we needed a certain solution that will let us manage big data. With Intralinks DealSpace, we always have access to the documents as they’re stored safely online. There is only one drawback - you can’t upload files directly from the email. Although it seems to be a quite generic feature of data rooms.
Henry Giles IT Manager
Nov 27, 2018
I feel like it is one of the most convenient data rooms. I’ve chosen it for my company based on Intralinks reviews - most of them were positive. And I understand why people like this service. It is very easy to use and offers all the features we need to maintain the flow of documents.
Arron Taft Investment Banking Analyst
Jul 1, 2018
Intralinks VDR is very simple and pleasant to use. The features are well-organized, and the interface is quite structured. Therefore, none of my employees needed much time to understand how to use it. However, we haven’t used it with our partners yet, but I think it won’t be an issue for them, too.
Jackie Beckett Executive Assistant to CEO
Mar 30, 2018
We are using the Intralinks data room to share information with our clients. As a real estate company, we find this provider to be a good fit for us since it is reliable and very easy to use. Now our deals get closed quicker, and most of them are a success since we can show the best features of the property we’re selling thanks to the data room.
Dean Wilkerson Managing Director
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The Intralinks data room is an online platform that provides secure and easy-to-use content-sharing solutions. It enables businesses to securely collaborate on confidential documents, files, and other digital content with remote partners and stakeholders.
Intralinks offers secure document sharing and collaboration services, allowing users to store and share documents and other data with ease. It's a great way to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners without worrying about data security issues.
Yes, Intralinks is a cloud-based service. That means it can be easily and securely accessed anytime and anywhere with just an internet connection.
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