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Intralinks Dealspace

About This Software

Intralinks is a pioneer in the market of virtual data rooms with the emphasis on streamlining the due diligence process. The data room contains indexing template for easy document upload and a separate deal platform to share documents securely during due diligence. Dedicated apps support mobile access. Mobile users enjoy the same functionality they need to manage every aspect of the deal, including file upload and user management. The data room offers protection for PDFs and Office documents as well as integration with Microsoft Office. A helpful and easy-to-use interface minimizes the learning curve for new users. Consulting services, optional training and round-the-clock support makes Intralinks perfectly suited for larger enterprises with complex data storage and management needs (and budgets to match).

The Intralinks data room has long and illustrious history going back to 1996. They tend to work with very large companies i.e. those that are in the Fortune 100 who are involved in massive deals that require ton of data. The Intralinks data room lets users solve some of the most complicated riddles and issues that are perplexing in huge deals and their pricing reflects that. The cost of the Intralinks data room is pretty high when you compare it to some of the other data rooms that are available on the market, but we should always keep in mind that the Intralinks VDR was meant to handle huge projects. Therefore it should not be so surprising that they charge more than the average data room.

The Intralinks data room is available in three versions that all vary depending on the type of deal. Let’s say that the very basic model is not enough to handle your project, they will offer you additional modules that are geared towards the specific processes that are giving you trouble. This is how the Intralinks data room gives every client what they need regardless of how big their project may be.

Inside the Intralinks data room you will be able to find some of the basic features that you would expect to find in other data room providers. It is very useful to use as a document repository and it really promotes collaboration between participants. All of the features inside seem to be geared towards conducting due diligence. While all of these tools are very useful, you have to wonder how effective will this data room be if you are conducting an M&A transaction or a clinical study. If this is the case, then you really have to determine if it is worth paying a high price for a data room that may not be geared towards you specific project.

Based on Intralinks reviews, customers are noting that the Intralinks dealspace is not very customizable. They do not offer a custom domain, you cannot upload your logo for a branded interface and there are no custom agreements for accessing the data room. You pay more to use Intralinks than the other data rooms, yet they do not give you some of the features that should come standard. It seems like you are paying more and getting less.

When doing an Intralinks review, one of the things that jumps out at you is that they do not offer a free demo. Choosing a data room is a big decision since it may be costly to shift data room during the latter stages of the project. This is why is important that someone is available to walk you through all of the features that the data room offers so you know what you are getting. You can try and work with it during the free 30-day trial and see if you can work it out for yourself, but it is easy to miss key things that play a huge role during big projects.

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Product Details
Free Trial
Web Based
Live Online
In Person
Live Online
In Person
Features Checklist
Document Security
256-Bit SSL Encryption
Data Backup
Document Expiry
Dynamic Watermarks
ISO 27001 Certified
SOC 2 Certified
SSAE 16 Certified
Virus Scanning
Access Security
Mobile Device Management
Multiple Factor/Multiple Channel Verification
Permission Groups
User Permissions
Two-Factor Authentications
User Interface
Branded Website
Bulk Uploads
Drag and Drop Files
Full Text Search
In Document Linking
Microsoft Office Integration
Q&A Section
Scroll-Through Viewer
Windows Explorer Integration
iPad Application
Mobile Device Interface
Multi-Language Support
Audit Logs
Document Version Control
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