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ShareFile VDR is a cloud-based data room appropriate for the deals executed by a variety of professions such as financial advisors, brokers, government contractors, biotech and licensing companies, real estate firms, private equity firms, etc. ShareFile virtual data room is equipped with a multi-level security system: the data is encrypted, the documents contain dynamic watermarks that prevent unauthorized dissemination, the access is allowed only on a basis of two-step verification.

The administrator sets user permission to prevent accidental disclosure of confidential data, decides on who will get view-only permissions and who will have print access. The activity tracking function helps the administrator to monitor all the actions that take place in a VDR and manage the file system according to the activity of certain users. Instant email alerts and notifications will keep the administrator updates about any views, downloads, alterations.

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Depending on the project needs customers can choose the relevant level of functionality and pay for the proper VDR model and still get the full package of the most crucial services such as bulk uploads, full-text search, 24/7 qualified support, etc. ShareFile VDR also provides a function of complete transaction archiving: after the deal is executed, the user can receive a complete backup of the VDR. Although ShareFile VDR might require some additional plug-ins, it remains a highly protected, reliable and intuitive virtual venue for safe and convenient deal-making and data storage.

Features Checklist
256-Bit SSL Encryption Data Backup Document Expiry Dynamic Watermarks ISO 27001 Certified SOC 2 Certified
Permission Groups Set User Permissions Two-Factor Authentications
Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Q&A Section Scroll-Through Viewer
iPad Application Mobile Device Interface Multi-Language Support
Audit Logs Automatic Audit Reports Document Version Control
Product Reviews
Jan 14, 2021
My company offers financial services, so we need a perfectly safe repository to store our files. Moreover, it must be secure enough to protect the data even if a user discloses their login data since our clients need to have access to documents too. This data room worked great for us.
Mike Bell
Sep 15, 2020
Citrix offers a simple interface and a basic set of features, so if you need to just store and share files, this provider will be good for you. We needed more from a data room than just virtual storage for our documents, so we’re looking for another more suitable provider now.
Anna P.
Jun 17, 2020
I think we're going to switch to another data room soon. Citrix is useful for keeping the data, however, it constantly crashes and logs out.
Morty Sowards Director of Operations
Aug 1, 2019
We could set up the ShareFile VDR without any help of IT specialists. Even though we had to spend some time to learn the platform, it is quite easy to understand. So far, we haven’t noticed any downtimes. And our partners seem to figure out the platform quickly.
Edison Simmons Consultant
Jun 18, 2019
I can say that ShareFile virtual data room is easy to use. We’ve managed to figure it out without any help, and the onboarding didn’t take us long. Now, this software is one of the main tools we use for the internal and external exchange of files. I especially like that the system scans files for threats.
Collin Hathaway Senior Research Advisor
May 6, 2019
I have definitely noticed that we spend way less time with ShareFile VDR to manage all the files. It is easier for our employees now to upload and maintain the data and notice when something goes wrong. We used to work with a generic cloud file-sharing platform. But now I see that a data room has more useful features.
Morris Hedley Managing Director
Mar 28, 2019
The interface was very effortless to pick up. We got used to the ShareFile virtual data room quickly. And now all the documents are in perfect order. Recently we began using this software for external data exchange, and so far, everything goes smoothly.
Jesse Sargent Analyst, Corporate Strategy
Dec 11, 2018
The best thing about ShareFile virtual data room is that it offers an add-on that connects Outlook email platform to the VDR. It simplifies the upload of files significantly and overall makes the data exchange more smooth for us. I can’t think of any drawbacks.
Shirley Thomson Director
Nov 24, 2018
We needed a solution that will fix our situation - we have a lot of data to store but not enough server capacity. Thus, we picked the ShareFile virtual data room. It has a very simple interface and keeps our data safe. Fairly, there is nothing more we demand from this software, so we’re satisfied with it.
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