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Ansarada offers virtual data rooms that were designed exclusively for making M&A due diligence more smooth and simple. The company has already assisted in more than 20, 000 deals and has proved that its VDRs bring benefits to both sides of a deal. For bidders, Ansadara provides the convenient and highly functional environment for data exploration: full-text search (including documents within ZIP-archives), in document linking, filtering capabilities, access from any device with no additional plug-ins or software required as the room is purely browser based.

The room works fast and is navigated intuitively reducing the level of frustration usually inherent to cumbersome due diligence stage of M&A. For the room owners, Ansarada offers simple setup procedure: the room updates can be executed via bulk uploads; all the documents are numbered automatically. In addition, owners get an access to advanced tracking features. When new users are invited via email, the room administrators see when an invitation email was read and monitor if the invited person has logged in.

All the actions of the authorized user are recorded, even the visitor’s search history. Segregation of users into permission groups help administrators to manage the access. To make sure that the right visitor sees the right folders and files, Ansarada offers a function that allows checking how the precise user sees a VDR. A long list of Ansarada’s clients has already experienced peculiarities and advantages of VDR exploitation for due diligence in particular and M&A in general. These secure, reliable and fully functional virtual platforms are also customized with corporate logos and colours underlining attention of the company to the tiniest details.

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Jan 12, 2021
Ansarada is ok — and there is not much more I could say about it. The interface could be easier to use cause some of my employees experienced issues with it. The set of features is rather standard, and you will find all these functions in most data rooms. Also, the price is quite high in my opinion.
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