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Firmex virtual data room is a reliable online platform through which confidential documents can be shared. It’s a user-friendly web-based VDR solution founded in 2006 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Firmex offers an adaptive interface perfect for several business workflow types. It’s a provider that allows large-scale collaboration, offers world-class security, supports complex data protection scenarios, and helps with the rapid success of most deals efficiently. 

Statistics show that Firmex is now serving more than 140,000 organizations. Companies that trust Firmex work in various industries, including investment banks, pharmaceuticals, law firms, government, funds and private equity, oil, and gas business, infrastructure, renewable energy, biotechnology, and mining, exchange their documents using the platform for regulatory compliance, financial transactions, litigation, M&A, due diligence, procurement, and corporate governance, etc.

Document security features 

A Firmex virtual data room adopts strong security features, using a layered approach to ensure the safety and confidentiality of company documents. With this, users can trust reliable systems and protocols that work efficiently together for the protection of confidential documents. 

 Firmex VDR offers four layers of protection — each is built within another for optimal and continuous security of the VDR environment. One of these layers is protecting the document. Security is a priority, and as such, a Firmex virtual data room is designed to protect every document. This provider’s software allows users to control, monitor, or terminate any user’s access to any document. 

Some typical document security features include:

  • customizable document permissions – to control who can see and access a document and for how long
  • advanced DRM – to protect documents against offline leaks by disabling the save, print, copy, and share functions
  • secure file viewer – to view documents from a specific computer and IP address
  • document expiry – to set expiry dates and time limits for document access
  • redaction – to hide and protect personally identifiable information before sharing with external parties

Moreover, data encryption is another way to keep all documents safe. Firmex encrypts every data transmission over a public network using a TLS (TLS 1.2) connection. With this, the integrity and confidentiality of uploaded data are effectively ensured. Additionally, it stores data at rest in Amazon S3, which uses AWS-KMS-managed keys.

Collaboration and document management

The Firmex data room offers many functions, including access control, document indexing, secure data storage, collaboration, and audit trail. To ensure that documents are well-managed, Firmex introduced two-factor authentication, email upload, user access management, and a drag-and-drop feature.

Users can implement the software’s versioning feature to organize new documents. Firmex also comes with the “View As” feature, allowing the preview of data rooms while double-checking the security settings. Other modules of Firmex include document sharing and FileSend.

Customer support 

Firmex runs a technical support service that truly cares about its customers.  In addition to providing technical assistance during regular business hours, live support is available 24/7/365 to facilitate more deals. 

The Firmex support team is composed of technical experts. They are committed, knowledgeable individuals ready to help right from the start. The team is multilingual, offering guidance in English, Spanish, German, and French. Furthermore, Firmex services are GDPR-compliant and support users through any stage of a deal.

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Additional features

Some extra beneficial features include Q&A, single sign-on, and digital rights management. 

  • The Q&A module makes answering questions easy. Users can manage, route, and answer large volumes of questions quickly.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) is a feature that helps secure user entry and access. With SSO and identity providers admins can easily restrict and control access to their virtual data room. 
  • With digital rights management (DRM), admins can lock documents, restrict printing, saving, or viewing, and apply watermarks, thus taking control over the data they share.

Pricing plans

Firmex VDR offers custom pricing. The custom plan comes with numerous helpful features.

Its pricing details include a single-use data room (one-time fee) and a multiple-use subscription (annual fixed price). Firmex advises customers to opt for longer-term, particularly annual packages, to take advantage of more flexible pricing and conditions.

Potential customers are encouraged to contact a Firmex sales representative for a customized quote. Unfortunately, this global provider does not offer a free trial, and thus, customers can’t test the software before buying it.

Features Checklist
SOC 1 Certified HIPAA Compliant Certified Data Backup GDPR Compliant Data at Rest Encryption
Access Expiration Two-Factor Authentications Access Limitation by IP
No Plugins Scroll-Through Document Viewer Drag & Drop Upload Customizable Document Watermarks
Mobile Device Interface Web-Based Spreadsheets Viewer No Plugins
Tracking of All User Activity Real-Time Audit Trail Exporting Reports to Excel
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