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Donnelley Financial Solutions is a perfect workspace disregarding the type of the deal, project, or industry requiring a virtual data room service.
VDRs by Donnelley Financial Solutions are equally suitable for due diligence, for fundraising, for communication with investors, for developing and managing document repositories.
The need to store and exchange sensitive corporate data, to interact with partners located in geographically remote areas, to instantly discuss the large volume of documents force businessmen to look for secure and highly functional virtual venues.
Donnelley Financial Solutions offers virtual environments capable of satisfying the demands of the most meticulous customers.
All the documents are encrypted, enhanced with dynamic watermarks, and accessible only for those who have passed the two-step verification procedure. To manage the information disclosure, the room administrators can ascribe users to different permission groups and monitor their activity with the help of audit reports available on demand.
Ease of use is guaranteed by the multilingual interface, full-text search feature, bulk uploads option, and Q&A section.
Also, Donnelley Financial Solutions developed mobile applications to provide users with an option of instant access to the data from any device at any moment.
Donnelley Financial Solutions knows that people in business care about their time and resources and expect the VDR to perform smoothly.
To avoid any possible inconveniences or malfunctioning, the company provides its customers with 24/7 qualified support – a team of experts is ready to assist the users and to facilitate the deal-making process.

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Features Checklist
Industry Solutions
Biotech Licensing
Board Portals
Clinical Studies
Debt Financing
Distressed Real Estate
Document Repository
Due Diligence
Hedge Funds
IPO & Exits
M&A Buy Side
M&A Sell Side
Post Merger
Private Equity
Procurement Management
Files & Folders Management
File Formats Supported:
PDF, MS Office, jpg, msg, htm, gif, png, mht, tiff
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Folders
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Folders
Document Version Control
Multilingual Documents Index
File Protection & Digital Rights Management
Granular Document Permissions
View-Only Access
Prevention of Download, Print and Copy
Customizable Document Watermarks
Document Access Expiry
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryption
Data at Rest Encryption
Data Hosting
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
ISO 27001 Certified
SOC 2 Certified
Data Backup
Virus Scanning
Access Security
Two-Factor Authentications
Granular User Permissions
Permission Groups
Access Expiration
Accessibility & Ease Of Use
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Viewer
Web-Based Excel Spreadsheets Viewer
User Interface Languages:
English, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean
Search, OCR & Filters
Search by Name
Search by Content (Full Text Search)
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Collaboration Features
Basic Questions & Answers Module
Secure User Messaging
Activity Tracking & Reporting
Tracking of All User Activity
Real-Time Audit Trail
Graphic Reports
Exporting Reports to Excel
Tracking of Document Viewing Time
Branded User Interface
Integrations Through APIs
Support & Services
Business Hours Support
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Phone & Email Support
Dedicated Project Manager
Translation Services
Support Languages:
English, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean
Deployment Options
Cloud (Web-Based)
Multiple Datacenter Locations
Trial & Pricing
Free Demo
Free Trial:
Company Info
US, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Japan
Microsoft, Starbucks, UnitedHealthCare, Bayer, ConAgraFoods, Facebook, IBM, KPMG, Nasdaq, TPG, The WaltDisney Company, Deloitte, Humana, Latham Watkins
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Product Reviews
Mar 16, 2020
Your mileage may vary given the positive reviews above... but this platform, from a UX perspective is just a hot mess.
* Donnelley Financial Solutions/Venue only displays 1 page of a document at a time. If you're reviewing a 50 page document and you want to go to previous pages of jump ahead to others, you have to wait for that page to be drawn. Want to go back to the original page? Yep, where you just were has to be redrawn again too.
* Want to search within a document? Not on Venue. Crtl+F doesn't work. Good luck paging through documents one by one trying to find the keyword in which you are interested.
* Does your PDF or docx file have a clickable table of contents in it? Not anymore one you upload it to the Venue platform. Good luck paging through the document one page at a time waiting each time for the page to be drawn.
* Venue uses popups and when you tell your browser to always allow popups for this site, some documents still get blocked.
* Venue doesn't allow your browser to index the page it is on... so the back button doesn't work. If you want to go back a folder in your repository, you have to back all the way out to the landing page and then drill back down into your library/repository.
* It's not clear if Venue supports SSO or not. Be prepared to have multiple accounts (desktop and Venue), passwords, and MFA tokens to get to your docs.
* Venue hogs resources. If you're in the platform all day we find our staff has to reboot daily to keep the browser from locking up.
We waste hours per week just trying to navigate this platform... our productivity is impacted using Donnelley Financial Solutions/Venue.
Aug 12, 2019
We chose the Venue data room for our company merely because this provider exists for a very long time. As a law firm, we needed a solid solution for the document exchange. But our clients must trust this solution. So Donnelley was pretty much the only choice we had if we wanted our customers to feel comfortable.
Apr 30, 2019
Using RR Donnelley data room, we definitely can close deals faster thanks to the Q&A feature. Stakeholders can understand if they like the terms we offer in less time. But moreover, as we can see their activity, we can change things a bit to make our proposal look more appealing to them. Therefore, we have more success now during deals.
Feb 10, 2019
Personally, for me, the best thing about the Venue data room is that they offer a dedicated project manager. I’m not the most tech-savvy person to be fair. So I needed some guidance here and there. And the specialist that was assigned to me was very helpful and went through the whole deal with me.
Nov 30, 2018
With RR Donnelley data room, the flow of documents in our company improved significantly. We spend way less time to manage them now. And all our partners seem to be very content with the data room. It is easy to use and offers the functions we need.
Jul 24, 2018
The RR Donnelley data room allows us to work with the data in the most convenient for us way. It is easy to find the required file with the filtering feature, and that’s important when we need to retrieve the information quickly. Also, the reports are very useful. They help us to see the bigger picture and see what needs to be improved.
May 13, 2018
We are using the Venue data room to work with partners and interns. So we really value how simple the management of users and project is. We can control the activity of all users that are invited to the data room. And the projects are also easy to access and work with thanks to the simple interface.
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