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Donnelley Financial Solutions is a great workspace disregarding the type of the deal, project, or industry requiring a virtual data room service. Donnelley is a company founded in 1983 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its history traces back to its parent company R. R. Donnelley which launched as a printing and publishing company in 1864, but now offers several products including the Venue data room.

The virtual data room innovation, AI-powered auto-redaction process, helps you work more strategically. Thanks to it, you can work with Venue’s innovative tools and protect confidential information from leaking. The data room’s scheduled reports provide transparency, which is extremely important when managing one or multiple deals, and monitoring all activity taking place in your VDR.

Venue virtual data room software has been chosen by the leading startups, PE firms, investment banks, and government agencies for strategic transactions.

Document security features 

Venues’ target is to protect customer data at all costs. It has been recorded across the globe that an increasing amount of sensitive information is being collected. The proprietary data redaction software helps locate, secure, and control data. Donnelley data room also applies the following security practices:

  • Location system. The location system automatically scans millions of pages in minutes. It locates sensitive information with leverage pattern matching technology and helps find information in unstructured file formats. 
  • Redaction. The security system allows you to apply a redaction mask or anonymization to data files, as well as redact third-party information that’s related to governance, risk, and compliance.
  • Data access control. Gain ultimate control of sensitive information within the data room. Approve physical data via approved partners and gain the same level of control as you receive on digital data. 

Venue’s industry-leading technology system ensures top-class security features such as multi-factor authentication, 256-bit encryption, adherence to SOC2 standards, automatic watermarking, and more. You get high-speed and secure file transfer through the Teridions Cloud WAN service. 

The company applies multiple security measures starting from data protection and ending with user security. As an owner of a data room, you can set restrictions for others for viewing, downloading, screenshotting, and printing documents. Try dynamic watermarking for better security; watermarks include the viewer’s email, IP address, account name, and any additional information.

Collaboration and document management features

The Venue virtual data room modernizes your document management and collaborations for everything from M&A due diligence to internal communication. Here’s how:

  • Financial services use secure data rooms to communicate with customers and colleagues so that they can exchange confidential information from multiple parties and work on substantial projects. 
  • M&A deals, clinical trials, secure file exchange, fundraising, listing biotech companies, and regularity communications all use virtual deal rooms.
  • Biological companies save time and are ensured complete data security for every IPO in the biotech industry.

The Venue data room software is easy to use, safe, and profitable. You can optimize the due diligence process by transferring all negotiations and documents from unsecured emails to a secure virtual data room that keeps everything under control and safe.

Investing in new infrastructure tends to be tricky. Venue smooths out the process of complex auxiliary transactions and completes them effectively. Users can keep information regarding the cash flow of infrastructure and utilities, receive ideas for successful results, monitor workflows, and receive secure and intelligent offers.

Document management functions are focused on the processes of viewing confidential data in corporate transactions. You get records of document access and information on who has viewed which folders and files.

Customer support 

Donnelley’s Venue client services are available 24/7. You can get support in over 10 countries worldwide by filling out a contact form on the provider’s website or by phoning a country-dedicated phone number.

Receive support in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, French, and German. Or contact a regionally assigned project manager who will guide you through the website or product. In the case of media inquiries, use a separate dedicated email address for support.

Acknowledge that DFIN is an extensive Knowledge Hub that contains blog posts, reports, case studies, news, and webinars. Meaning it will be hard to find detailed information about troubleshooting. However, users can seek through the wide amount of efficient tips given for setting up data rooms.

Donnelley data room provider offers responsive 24/7 customer support, which can be reached via email or phone. There are several local centers as well as an Online Help Center, where you’ll find answers to the most common questions.

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Additional features 

The Venue virtual data room has a very simple setup process. Once you have created a deal room, it’s possible to instantly bulk upload all information and documents without a delay. With such a quick upload system documents still save their native forms and formats without getting compressed.

The company applies Al technology and machine learning to automate tasks and integrates with the eBrevia tool to make the data rooms more powerful. This collaboration can analyze 50+ files in less than a minute, immediately find relevant options during file searches, and extract 115+ data points. 

You can also get accurate and insightful analytics to track buyer behavior and manage the deal process securely. You get full transparency over projects with multi-deal management tools, automatic electronic archiving, and scheduled reports.

Pricing plans 

Donnelley Venue’s virtual data room does not publicly disclose its pricing. Venue states that they offer Al-powered analytics, virtual data rooms, reporting applications, content delivery, regulatory compliance, and dozens of other tools.  

Luckily, the Donnelley Venue provides a free demo period for you to experience those tools and try them for yourself. This should help you decide on a pricing package and a feature set that will fully meet your needs.

Features Checklist

128-Bit and 256-Bit SSL Encryption Data Backup Secure File Viewer SOC2
Permission Groups 2-factor Authentication
Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Microsoft Office Integration Dynamic Watermarking
Audit Logs Scheduled Reports

Product Reviews

Apr 30, 2022
Using RR Donnelley data room, we definitely can close deals faster thanks to the Q&A feature. Stakeholders can understand if they like the terms we offer in less time. But moreover, as we can see their activity, we can change things a bit to make our proposal look more appealing to them. Therefore, we have more success now during deals.
Ora Warwick Investment Banking Analyst
Mar 16, 2020
Your mileage may vary given the positive reviews above... but this platform, from a UX perspective is just a hot mess. Donnelley Financial Solutions/Venue only displays 1 page of a document at a time. If you're reviewing a 50 page document and you want to go to previous pages of jump ahead to others, you have to wait for that page to be drawn. Want to go back to the original page? Yep, where you just were has to be redrawn again too. Want to search within a document? Not on Venue. Crtl+F doesn't work. Good luck paging through documents one by one trying to find the keyword in which you are interested. Does your PDF or docx file have a clickable table of contents in it? Not anymore one you upload it to the Venue platform. Good luck paging through the document one page at a time waiting each time for the page to be drawn. Venue uses popups and when you tell your browser to always allow popups for this site, some documents still get blocked. Venue doesn't allow your browser to index the page it is on... so the back button doesn't work. If you want to go back a folder in your repository, you have to back all the way out to the landing page and then drill back down into your library/repository. It's not clear if Venue supports SSO or not. Be prepared to have multiple accounts (desktop and Venue), passwords, and MFA tokens to get to your docs. Venue hogs resources. If you're in the platform all day we find our staff has to reboot daily to keep the browser from locking up. We waste hours per week just trying to navigate this platform... our productivity is impacted using Donnelley Financial Solutions/Venue.
Aug 12, 2019
We chose the Venue data room for our company merely because this provider exists for a very long time. As a law firm, we needed a solid solution for the document exchange. But our clients must trust this solution. So Donnelley was pretty much the only choice we had if we wanted our customers to feel comfortable.
Marshal Foster Accounting Manager
Feb 10, 2019
Personally, for me, the best thing about the Venue data room is that they offer a dedicated project manager. I’m not the most tech-savvy person to be fair. So I needed some guidance here and there. And the specialist that was assigned to me was very helpful and went through the whole deal with me.
Frank Rivers Managing Director
Nov 30, 2018
With RR Donnelley data room, the flow of documents in our company improved significantly. We spend way less time to manage them now. And all our partners seem to be very content with the data room. It is easy to use and offers the functions we need.
Stephen Brooks Investment Management
Jul 24, 2018
The RR Donnelley data room allows us to work with the data in the most convenient for us way. It is easy to find the required file with the filtering feature, and that’s important when we need to retrieve the information quickly. Also, the reports are very useful. They help us to see the bigger picture and see what needs to be improved.
Kelsey Rhodes Director
May 13, 2018
We are using the Venue data room to work with partners and interns. So we really value how simple the management of users and project is. We can control the activity of all users that are invited to the data room. And the projects are also easy to access and work with thanks to the simple interface.
Logan Skeates CEO
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Donnelley Financial Solutions Venue is a top provider of modern software, technology-empowered solutions for financial regulatory and compliance purposes. It combines powerful analytics, AI technology, and machine learning to facilitate deal management across many industries.
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