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Onehub can boast of over 1 million users that entrusted their confidential data to the company: not only prominent and well-known industry leaders are interested in opening long-term data platform but also individual users and those looking for the venue for a one-off deal. To protect the data uploaded to the room, Onehub enhanced the VDRs with the multi-sided security system that include complex passwords, dynamic watermarks and data encryption.

The access to the room is given due to the role-based permissions that imply ascription of certain roles to the user: administrator, moderator, collaborator, creator, downloader, printer, and viewer. Depending on the role got the user has access to a set of actions that can be performed in a VDR. Such feature as Onehub Sync updates the room according to recent changes and ensures that the most important files are always current. Also, Onehub is integrated with Google Drive and allows the user to create and edit files from inside the VDR and to work on the same document simultaneously with the other user.

The right to post messages and comments considering documents and whole folders stored in a data room facilitates communication between the visitors and owners, helps to maintain an uninterrupted flow of discussion. Aside from convenient and intuitive interface, digital rights management and military-level security, the room owners get the right to customize their room with corporate colours and logos to make the VDR solid and consistent with the corporate identity.

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