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Merrill Corporation has created Datasite for the safe exchange of confidential information during financial and other transactions where confidentiality and security are the top priorities.

This virtual data room has ISO 27001 certification, dedicated service specialists, and a list of crucial functions: watermarking, permissions, access control, and audit log. The company pays great attention to security measures, but the list of technologically advanced features leaves room for improvement. For example, Datasite cannot be accessed from a mobile device, which is essential for many business users.

All of this makes Datasite a user-friendly data room with plenty of features and security protection at a cost aiming at the high end of the market.

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Features Checklist
128-Bit SSL Encryption 256-Bit SSL Encryption Data Backup Document Expiry Dynamic Watermarks ISO 27001 Certified SSAE 16 Certified Virus Scanning
Permission Groups Set User Permissions Two-Factor Authentications
Branded Website Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Full Text Search Q&A Section Scroll-Through Viewer
iPad Application Mobile Device Interface Multi-Language Support
Audit Logs Automatic Audit Reports Document Version Control
Product Reviews
Dax Hamilton Chief Operating Officer
Jun 18, 2019
DataSite Merrill is a solid virtual data room. It never goes down, the support team is there for us at any moment we need it, and the interface is easy to understand. The software might lack some advanced features I can see other providers offer. But we’re more than satisfied with what we have.
Garnett Peter Business Manager
Apr 7, 2019
As a financial firm, we need all our tools to be trustworthy so that our clients can trust us, too. That’s why Merrill virtual data room is the perfect fit for us. This provider exists for a long time, and everyone knows it. So when we need our clients to share their data with us, they know it’s alright because we’re using Merrill.
Barney Gabriels Finance - Manager
Jan 30, 2019
We’re using the Merrill virtual data room to exchange files with our clients and partners for several years now. Over this time, I couldn’t find something that would put me off. However, we pay for the service way more that we would’ve paid if we used another provider. But the well-known and trustworthy name is worth it.
Stafford Martin Legal Assistant
Sep 23, 2018
In my company, we’re using Merrill VDR for due diligence and internal document management. So far, we’re satisfied with the service as we’re using it for almost a year now. The data room is simple and has all the features we need to work with documents. I don’t see any flaws here.
Wilton Winship Marketing Director
May 26, 2018
Even though DataSite Merrill might be not as advanced as other data rooms are, we needed the provider to be well-known. I have a law firm, and most of our clients are rather old-fashioned. They appreciate us using a provider they know and understand. So I have no complaints.
Elvis Byrd Analyst
Feb 12, 2018
Merrill VDR is not the first provider we’re using. But so far, it seems to fit us better than other solutions. I like the simple interface that is not overloaded with the functions I don’t need. We’re using the data room to manage the documents, and Merrill provides us with everything we need for that.
Lara Howard, analyst, Bridgewaters Associates
Nov 1, 2017
Our company has been using Merrill Corporation for over a year. We are quite satisfied with the security the data room provides and its basic features. The virtual data room operated exactly as promised.
Ethan Singh, security manager, Busch Paulson Schuh LLP
Oct 15, 2017
We enjoy working with DataSite data room. The best things about this data room are its security measures, easy interface and welcoming specialists who offer a 24/7 assistance and training. We used Merrill DataSite for our IPO and it was a great way to present our documents to potential investors.
Peter Riley, CIO, EVL Investments
Oct 4, 2017
Our experience with this data room provider has been truly good. One of the best things I would like to mention was the optical character recognition which allows searching for information even in PDF documents. For me this is one of the most useful features. Despite this and many other convenient features I had to change the provider because of the high price of Merrill services. I have found another VDR provider with a better price-quality ratio.
Jonathan Jordan, financial planner, Still Street Asset Management
Sep 28, 2017
Merrill DataSite is a really smart solution which meets most business needs of our company. We are using the repository for document storage and due diligence. The service is easy to get setup and didn't require us to purchase servers or any software although their rates are on the higher side.
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