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EthosData is of the leading global providers of virtual data rooms. It assists the top global financial organizations and law firms and provides them with secure, efficient and functional virtual platforms for storage and exchange of sensitive corporate information.

The policy of EthosData is based on three principles – security, service and simplicity. Military-level security inherent to virtual data rooms is proved by the variety of certificates EthosData possesses: ISO 27001, SOC 2, SSAE 16. Strong data encryption, dynamic watermarks, virus scanning, two-step user authentication process, the option of imposing time of document expiry, digital rights management and ability to set up permission groups – all these features constitute the basis for data protection guaranteed by EthosData.

The principle of service implies assigning of a special deal coordinator who leads the VDR and assists its users. In addition, whenever certain help with preparation and scanning of the documents, with updating the site, with changing of the permission restrictions or any other services are needed a qualified team is available and ready to support the customer 24/7. Under simplicity EthosData means convenient and intuitive VDR interface.

Being fast and easy in setup and maintenance, virtual platforms are aimed at saving customers’ time and resources and at simplifying the cumbersome deal-making process. EthosData cares about the clients’ needs and demands from the first step of VDR design, construction of the content and permission structure, through the whole course of the deal and till the moment when the deal is finished.

Product Reviews
Julian Wallace
Aug 11, 2020
Ethos offers a simple interface and a basic set of features, so if you need to just store and share files, this provider will be good for you. We needed more from a data room than just virtual storage for our documents, so we’re looking for another more suitable provider now.
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