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Dropbox is a famous online filesharing center where users can store, share, and download data and documents. In some ways, Dropbox has reorganized the ways people manage their files. Features that make Dropbox a popular data room solution are the ease of use, the possibility to quickly log in, and share their data with anyone. It also provides some free storage space, so many individuals prefer Dropbox to other cloud providers. 

Most people rely on services like Dropbox in case they have to send personal information like photos or videos. The truth is, such a service may be convenient for personal use, but entirely insufficient for business people. Dropbox lacks a lot of features that a data room provides, but the main difference is the level of security. Data rooms are way more protected, as they allow control over documents according to the assigned rights and even give permission to track every action made with a specific report. Dropbox may be a convenient solution to share data, but you lose control over a confidential document just after sharing it. 

Dropbox and virtual data rooms may seem similar. Still, they were made for different purposes, as one is for personal use, and data rooms are specifically made to guarantee security, compliance, and service to businesses. Companies all around the world use data rooms for M&A, investment and fundraising, consulting, and accounting. So now you can decide between a data room or Dropbox according to your business needs.

FeaturesData roomsDropbox
Two-factor authenticationYesNo
Recording all changesYesNo
24/7 supportYesNo
Print/download controlYesNo
Dedicated project managersYesNo
Secure for confidential documentsYesNo
Secure for due diligenceYesNo
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