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About BlackBerry Workspaces (Watchdox)

BlackBerry Workspaces is a secure virtual data room founded in 1984 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. Currently, they have 30 offices worldwide in Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. 

The VDR features a user-friendly interface and seamless integration for important deals and sensitive data protection. It facilitates team collaboration but is similarly suitable for personal use.

For guaranteed security, BlackBerry Workspaces has earned every necessary certificate. It specializes in industries such as media and entertainment, healthcare, legal, regulatory compliance, and financial services. However, a BlackBerry Workspaces data room is perfect for anyone looking to protect sensitive information.

Document security features 

BlackBerry Workspaces (formerly Watchdox) is a way to secure file storage, sharing, and synchronization. Irrespective of what it’s needed for — to secure collaborative workspaces, enable personal productivity, or streamline business deals — it’s a reliable choice when searching for a virtual data room.

With BlackBerry Workspaces, users enjoy unique document-level security. This is possible because the data room uses AES-certified 256-bit encryption to control access. It’s one of the key features that help control critical documents.

Moreover, BlackBerry Workspaces provides unified control and access for every data store. With this, users don’t need file migration. It can also help track and report file activity for security and privacy purposes.

BlackBerry Workspaces enables users to create a collaborative data room and monitor file permissions and access. Additionally, the “View-only mode” feature allows users to annotate and comment on documents with the highly secure HTML5 browser app.

With the VDR, users have access to apps for HTML5 browsers, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The software was created to enforce Digital Rights Management (DRM) on Android and iOS. 

Collaboration and document management features

BlackBerry offers three unique editions of the BlackBerry Workspaces VDR, enabling users access to their needed tools. These solutions are Send, Collaborate, and Secure Plus.

  • “Send” edition provides users with a personal workspace, integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office Online, 20GB of storage, View-only sharing, and the ability to work with documents.
  • “Collaborate” edition includes more features. As a result, users enjoy ransomware recovery tools, usage reporting, an advanced admin console, group workspaces with collaboration functions, and unlimited file and data storage. Furthermore, it supports an active directory and single sign-on.
  • “Secure Plus” provides features such as advanced productivity tools, CMS and file systems, advanced user administration, and API/SDK access. This edition is ideal for industries that seek a virtual data room characterized by a full set of business tools and the highest security level. 

Customer support

BlackBerry only requires a single point of contact to meet users’ support needs. One support contract covers an entire mobile environment, ranging from server to device connectivity. 

Customer support is flexible for all service levels. Assistance is available 24/7/365 for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS users. The professional team is always ready to help deal with issues — or with preventing them.

Free Trial
Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Mobile – Android, iPhone, iPad
Desktop – Mac, Windows
Live Online
In Person
24/7 (Live Help)

Additional features

One of the unique features of BlackBerry Workspaces is rapid ransomware recovery tools. Generally,  ransomware is malware that can affect a computer user’s data. It often requires or claims to demand payment for access restoration.

A ransomware attack can worsen with enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS). It can sync and share affected files with other parties automatically. 

To address this issue, Workspaces gives the system administrator access to effective recovery tools to help contain and minimize damage from ransomware attacks.

Pricing plans 

BlackBerry Workspaces does not provide details on pricing information on its site. Also, it does not offer a free plan. However, the company provides free trials for potential customers.

Nonetheless, BlackBerry offers three pricing models —Send, Collaborate, and Secure Plus. Interested parties can contact a sales representative for a customized quote. Additionally, each pricing model is characterized by several unique features that offer extra value over and beyond basic functionality. 

Features Checklist
256-Bit SSL Encryption Dynamic Watermarks SSAE 16 Certified Virus Scanning
Mobile Device Management Multiple Factor Verification Permission Groups User Permissions
Branded Website Bulk Uploads Drag and Drop Files Microsoft Office Integration Q&A Section
iPad Application Mobile Device Interface
Product Reviews
Benson Jackman Law Practice
May 8, 2022
Watchdox data room significantly accelerated the external document exchange for us. Now we can deliver the information to our clients in no time. And they can quickly review it and respond us in the VDR. So we are really satisfied with this provider.
May 4, 2019
We used the Watchdox data room for a while. But there were too many features for us. So we decided to switch to another provider that is more simple and affordable. Still, I think Watchdox is great for those who need all these functions.
Kenny Wright CFO
Jan 27, 2019
As a smaller company, we’re using the Business suite. And it offers all the necessary features without overwhelming us with over the top ones. We really enjoy using the Watchdox data room. It is simple, effective, and suits our needs.
Sidney Lendon Project Manager
Dec 2, 2018
Watchdox data room comes in two options, and I chose the second one - "Enterprise" since I have a large company. Those extra management and control features are very helpful. Of course, there is a bit steep learning curve. But overall, the software is easy to get used to.
Barrett Rigby Senior Manager
May 16, 2018
Using Watchdox data room we’ve never had issues with anything. We are using this software for fundraising, and the ability to access the data from a mobile phone is very helpful. Often we need to change something while being away from the office to accelerate the deal. And it is possible with Watchdox.
Tracy Linton Project Manager
Feb 24, 2018
For some of my employees, Watchdox data room is a bit overwhelming with all the features it has. But thanks to the support team that is available 24/7 they can get help instantly. Thus, the processes don’t freeze, and we’re able to execute successful deals. I really like this provider.
Thomas Holtzmann, GoldenTree Advisors
Oct 21, 2017
Watchbox is right what we needed in our company. Excellent service, useful functions, and convenience.
Jana Brandt, SViking Global Partners
Oct 3, 2017
We`ve started to use Watchbox VDR recently and we note that use of online data room allowed us to quickly and securely deliver documents to our customers. The service is easy to get setup and didn't require us to spend on servers or additional software.
Roxanne Metivier, Mostow & Co
Sep 25, 2017
This virtual data room has heaps of opportunities, it is just we did not really need all of them, so we had to finally change this data room for another one with basic features, good service, and smaller price. Nevertheless, if your firm requires complicated and sophisticated solutions, this product will suit you perfectly.
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