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ShareVault provides virtual data room services for more than ten years and has already gained the reputation of a noticeable innovation leader on the market. Its VDRs are simple to set up and maintain, equipped with the set of sophisticated functions that facilitate document control, organization, and systematization of the content uploaded enables monitoring of the users’ activity. Dynamic watermarks, secure printing, two-step user authentication, granular access control – these features constitute just a basis of security options ShareVault offers its customers. The intuitive, user-friendly interface is enhanced with full-text search and smart filters and allows marking the favorite files and drag-and-drop reordering of documents and tags. The detailed, page-level tracking audit report contains the record of all the actions performed in a VDR.

Moreover, the information is aggregated into a heat map that displays the most active visitors according to a color-coding scheme. Lightweight and fast web application developed by ShareVault enables the users to access the room from any device at any moment. Recently, ShareVault works on the application for Android. Along with a highly secure and functional environment for data storage and exchange the company provides customized solutions for its clients and offers customized branding that implies the company’s logo embedded on every page and custom URL. Virtual data rooms by ShareVault proved their reputation in the endless number of deals and transactions executed in a variety of industries such as life sciences (biotech, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, etc.), financial services, legal services, investment banking, energy, private equity, and venture capital.

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