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How to set up a data room?

Virtual data rooms save businesses a lot of time and effort during deals providing participants with all the tools necessary for efficient teamwork. Also, such software is beneficial for general document maintenance. It allows companies to keep all papers organized, updated, easy to share, and, most importantly, safe. But if a data room is not […]

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Why does your startup need a virtual data room for the fundraiser?

Data rooms initially were created as a solution for M&A deals and due diligence. But eventually, businesses began using this software for other purposes, too, including fundraising. Today a virtual data room is a truly versatile and indispensable tool for any organization that wants to collaborate effectively and reach desired goals. And if you still […]

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How can virtual data rooms help during bankruptcy?

The coronavirus crisis hit hard quite many businesses around the world. Many companies didn’t manage to survive the lockdown and the harsh conditions they put entrepreneurs in. The airline, offline retail, and restaurant industries have suffered the most from the worldwide quarantine. But other fields are also experiencing a rather significant financial stress. So the […]

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How can virtual data rooms help you hold a successful IPO?

IPO is an important and somewhat complex business process that involves a lot of papers and participants. To go through it successfully, you need to manage all the information correctly and maintain steady communication with third parties. Virtual data rooms can help you with this challenging task. What is a data room, and how it’s […]

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What Is a Virtual Data Room?

Businesses generate loads of data every day, and they also need to manage it properly. This article will tell you about virtual data rooms and how they can help companies work with documents efficiently. What Is the Data Room? A virtual data room is a service that helps businesses keep their corporate data safe, organized, […]

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A VDR and a Cloud Storage Service: The Similarities to Admit

The epoch when businessmen used to store all their documents, employees’ contracts, financial reports, and other vital papers in huge repositories are long gone. No, it does not mean that no paper documents exist anymore – it means that they are not the only acceptable way to preserve information. In fact, physical repositories packed with […]

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A Virtual Platform for Meaningful Communication

When it comes to VDRs the first feature of the rooms emphasized is their security. There is no point in denying the contribution of a virtual data room to the protection of information but it would be unreasonable to reduce their functionality to one distinctive feature. In fact, the room is not merely storage – […]

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VDR for Getting Rid of the Anxiety of the Rich

It is commonly thought that virtual platforms are being utilized exclusively for business purposes. Why would anyone bother to open such a secure repository for private exploitation? But the truth is that some people have more to lose than the others and they need to take care of what they possess. Indeed, rich families can […]

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A Virtual Data Room: Making Your Final Decision

If you are interested in VDRs, perhaps, you have already checked what kind of options you have. Today, the market is full of decent offers and it makes the selection process even more complicated: how can you choose between two identically good data rooms? Eventually, you would pick one of them but how can you […]

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9 Criteria to Compare Virtual Data Rooms

The problem of choice is among the hardest ones to deal with. The modern VDR market may puzzle and confuse the newbies – dozens of virtual data room providers offer their services. And, from the first sight, it is not that easy to realize what the difference between the platforms is. Indeed, the majority of […]

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5 Steps to Choosing a Perfect Virtual Data Room

VDRs: To Use or Not to Use? It is hard not to notice that today virtual data rooms are among the most trendy services deal-makers talk about. Any large-scale transaction between cross-national or local players requires the exploitation of a VDR. For sure, the old-school methods might also be used and the deal would be […]

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A Data Room Is Not Only About Deal-Making

Initially, virtual data rooms have been designed to simplify the life of deal-makers: they were supposed to provide businessmen with space where the relevant documents could have been exchanged in a course of any transaction. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the stereotypical vision of the room has become widespread. Usually, people […]

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Using Data Rooms for Secure File Sharing

Today’s professionals and enterprises constantly create, consume, and share information. Presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and images are just some of the examples of the types of files enterprises need to share, access, and manipulate during the course of their business activities. Many of these files are stored on personal computers, desktops, and laptops, while others are […]

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Data Room Platform to Minimize Your Anxiety

Those deal-makers who have ever been involved in M&A deals and have survived due diligence know how time-consuming, irritating, and stressful the work with papers can be. To complete the deal successfully you have to be attentive, to focus on the tiniest details, to remember which documents are interconnected, to be able to recall that […]

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Virtual Data Rooms. Best Choice – Best Result

Due to the fact that up-to-date data room may come into use to a lot of industries in our days, a plenty of companies are puzzled because of the question «In what way to find the best data room?» Anyway, it is easy to understand by virtue of the broad variety of ventures. Actually, this […]

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Virtual Data Room Pricing Variety: The Main Confusion

The virtual data room market expands and new competitors enter it regularly. As of today, a potential user has a possibility to find plenty of virtual data rooms easily: the supply proves to be manifold and able to satisfy the extremely eccentric clients. A brief virtual data room comparison shows the significant dissimilarity characterizing the […]

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What is a Due Diligence Data Room?

First of all, let us define what data room for due diligence is. This is a kind of business research or an investigation held before the audit, merger or acquisition, signing any kind of contract. Thus, there are a few types of research: Financial due diligence; Commercial due diligence; Operational due diligence; Integrity due diligence. […]

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Why are virtual boardrooms vital for every business?

Have you ever heard of the boardroom management software? If not, continue reading. It is a vital instrument for every modern business that wants to succeed. As a company evolves and grows, it becomes harder and harder to manage the board of directors properly. The number of leaders grows, the communication becomes more complicated, and […]

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