Key questions to ask during M&A

How can you grow your market share, access new products, and distribution channels, or acquire new technology or know-how? Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often are…

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5 Tips for Sharing Sensitive Documents

We live in a connected world. Sharing files has never been easier, and this is why safe sensitive document distribution is so important. How do…

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6 Major Reasons Behind the Failure of Mergers & Acquisitions

Usually abbreviated as M&A — mergers and acquisitions are seen as the best way to scale a business. However, it is always risky and daunting…

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Data Room Certification and Compliance

The desire to succeed in the occupied niche and expand the available list of services or goods is common for many businesses. Apart from ensuring…

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Data Room Checklist: 9 Details to Check When Looking For a Vendor

Choosing a virtual data room provider is a rather complicated and effort-demanding process. Partly it is so tricky because of the number of vendors on…

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5 most popular causes of data leaks

Data breaches happen way more often than you might think. Companies of all sizes suffer from them constantly losing their power and credibility in their…

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