8 Features of the Best Virtual Data Rooms

Secure document handling is a must in the business world. To ensure document security, corporations used to store them in physical data rooms. With the development of new technological solutions, and the worldwide pandemic, virtual data rooms started to gain popularity. Here are some reasons why this solution might be for you.

Top 8 features to consider when choosing a data room

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Storing sensitive documents in a secure environment is the best way to protect your data. Virtual data rooms provide users with features that make this process easier. The best data room providers equip their file repositories with the following features:

  • Compliance. As safety is the main concern while dealing with sensitive data, virtual data rooms are built with security in mind. Compliant with ISO27001, SOC 1 / 2, GDPR certification, your documents are tightly guarded.
  • Ease of use. The second most important feature is the ease of use. You do not need to install plugins to access data, and with mobile app support and an intuitive interface, using a virtual data room is easy.
  • Easy upload. Putting documents into a virtual data room is also a straightforward process. You drag the files you want to upload and drop them into the virtual data room. If you want to put multiple files in the virtual data room at once, you can use the bulk upload feature. You will also be able to open the files inside of the virtual data room, as this solution supports multi-format files.
  • User tracking activity. Monitoring who has access to what files and what kinds of changes are made is essential when storing and sharing important documents. The best data rooms allow you to oversee the activity of the users with access to this sensitive data.
  • Document protection. Apart from being able to monitor the activity of the users, you can also utilize features such as remote shred, fence view, or watermarks. This safeguards your documents even more because you can add an expiry date on your sensitive data, obscure some of the detail, or add a watermark with the date and individual who downloaded the file.
  • Multilingual service and 24/7 support. The best virtual data rooms are outfitted with the finest customer support teams. If something goes wrong with your virtual data room, there will always be someone who can help you. Through 24/7 multilingual support, you can count on the help of your virtual data room providers.
  • Q&A block and live chat. While accessing sensitive data, there might be questions connected to the stored documents. Through Q&A functionality and a live chat, you can solve the queries in real-time and mark the documents that need changing.
  • Customization. When you have marked the documents you want to edit, you can alter them in the virtual data room. With the provided tools and intuitive interface, you won’t have to download the whole file to make minor changes. Everything you need is at your disposal in the virtual data room. 

As you can see, the best virtual data rooms have benefits that would be impossible to implement in a physical data room. For more information and possible virtual data room solutions, visit our website. You will be able to choose a virtual data room solution that fits your individual needs.

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