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HighQ virtual data room by Thomson Reuters is a cloud SaaS product for the legal sector, financial companies, and corporations. It offers document management, automatized workflow, and other tools to enhance transactions.

HighQ was founded in 2001 in London. In 2019 Thomson Reuters acquired HighQ. The company’s offices are situated in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sydney, and New York – with an R&D operation in Ahmedabad (India). 

HighQ solutions are diverse and offer a suite of various helpful tools –  from file sharing and virtual data room to enterprise social networking and publishing. It has three major products: 

  • HighQ Collaborate
  • HighQ Publisher
  • HighQ Dataroom

HighQ data room’s clients are legal firms, banks, corporations,  government,  and life sciences institutions. Among them are Barclays, Osborn Clarke, Clyde & Co, the Phoenix Group, and many of the top UK law firms. Companies using this virtual data room are small, medium businesses, and many large enterprises.

HighQ virtual data rooms can offer solutions for the following use cases:

  • Law firm platform – for legal business management with client engagement, document collaboration, legal project management, team collaboration, transaction management, litigation management, portfolio management, and compliance management tools.
  • Corporate legal platform – for legal operations management, including contact management, legal intake and self-service, document management, matter management, vendor management, knowledge management, and team collaboration tools.
  • Government legal platform – for legal operations management in a single platform, including legal request intake and matter management, document management, public records request, and document automation tools.

Document security features

HighQ virtual data room provides standard security features to protect sensitive information storage and transactions that international organizations require.

It includes 2FA and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, data at rest encryption, dynamic watermarks, single sign-on, secure e-sign by DocuSign and AdobeSign, two-factor authentication, granular access permissions, view-only access (download, print, and copy prevention), tracking internal actions. Software security offers SOC Type II, OWASP, and PCIS practices. 

The Advanced package provides additional security features for HighQ virtual data, such as customer-managed encryption keys and digital rights management. HighQ dataroom meets ISO 27001 certification, and SSAE 16 certification, and is regularly audited by third parties. 

Collaboration and document management features

HighQ virtual data room enhances collaboration tools and document processing to streamline communication within the company and with clients. It also centralizes project information, provides tools for task management, and enhances knowledge sharing. 

Additionally, HighQ offers an advanced Q&A module, secure user messaging, and new document email notifications. Using the HighQ data room, you can share large documents and files in web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Document management features are adding files and folders, drag and drop, emailing documents to a folder, full-text search, advanced search options, and automatic OCR conversion are also available.

Devices HighQ works with include Windows, Linux, and Mac. HighQ dataroom also supports integration with Microsoft Excel.

Customer support 

HighQ offers support during business hours, 24/7 phone and email support, as well as an online help center. There is an FAQ forum and knowledge base to help yourself. 

The best quality support you can get is in English, but other languages are also available. They are German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Hindi.

HighQ is deployed on Web, cloud, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Any file formats are supported. However, it isn’t adaptive for mobile applications.

Free trial
Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Mobile – Android, iPhone, iPad
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Additional features

Besides document management features, Q&A, and granular permissions, HighQ data room provides the following features:

  • Integrated digital rights management
  • Mobile optimization
  • HTML5 viewer
  • Reporting and auditing
  • Graphical usage reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Data room customization
  • AI/ machine learning
  • Audit trail.

Pricing plans

HighQ provides pricing plans for different companies taking into consideration their needs, size, etc. 

Pricing might also differ according to the features included. There are the Essential, Advanced, and Premium pricing plans. Essential is more likely to comfort small firms’ needs, while Premium will better fit large corporations.

All pricing plans provide 1 GB storage and five external users to each internal user. Extra capacity, features, and how many users you require can be customized to virtual data rooms settings for additional payments.

The exact pricing information is not publicly available, so you should contact the sales department and find it out.

Features Checklist

Data Recovery Encryption SSL Security Digital Watermarking HIPAA Compliant
Multi-Factor Authentication Single Sign On Two-Factor Authentication
Customizable Dashboard AI/Machine Learning Bulk Uploading Drag & Drop
Mobile Access
Activity Tracking Audit Management Audit Trail


HighQ is a cloud-based software application used to manage and streamline the legal operations of organizations. It is designed to give users an integrated platform for document management, collaboration, e-signatures, workflow automation, and legal analytics.
HighQ is hosted in secure data centers located around the world. Their hosting facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art security and reliable protocols designed to protect your data.
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