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HighQ is a virtual data room service provider that was involved in more than 20, 000 transactions performed by law firms, governments, enterprises, banks, and corporations. VDRs proved to be equally convenient for M&A deals, bankruptcy, and restructuring, licensing, fundraising, real estate sales, etc. Each business receives the most appropriate solution that meets the project requirements.

HighQ offers several deployment models: single-use data room (for a one-off deal), multi-use data room (for a series of deals), and enterprise data room (mainly, for secure data storage). Regarding a VDR setup purpose (file sharing, client engagement, collaboration, document management, etc.) the client selects the proper model and experiences all the benefits, it can offer. VDRs by HighQ is easy to set up and use as they are adjusted to all major operating systems, are accessible on tablets and phones via applications and do not require any additional plug-ins.

The user can update the room, even on-the-go uploading ZIP-archives to the file system. HighQ developed the Q&A module that can be managed via Microsoft Excel and gives more extensive opportunities for document discussion maintenance and management. The room is generally integrated with Microsoft Office software, equipped with the full-text search function and protected with the complex security system that implies data encryption, dynamic watermarks, multiple channel verification processes. With the HighQ services, clients get a secure and reliable venue for data storage and exchange, get easily manageable file systems accessible on the basis of preliminary given permissions, and get in-depth activity tracking information on all the actions performed in a VDR.

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